Dua For Beautiful Baby Boy – Surah Kausar for Baby Boy

Dua For Beautiful Baby Boy

The desire of a male child is not new. Right from ancient times, parents have always wanted a male child who could carry their name ahead. Though it is not wrong, praying for a male child in every pregnancy is also not right. Girls are blessings from Allah Talah and you should welcome them wholeheartedly. However, if you are already blessed with a girl baby and now you want a baby boy, then you should recite dua for beautiful baby boy. The surah kausar for baby boy will Insha Allah, enhance your chances of conceiving a boy and soon you will be blessed with a healthy child.

Boys are known to be with their parents for all their life, unlike girls who get married and go to another house. Hence, as parents, you may want to have a baby boy to look after you in your old age. If you want a male child for this purpose, then you should recite dua for beautiful baby boy and Insha Allah, with your right intentions, The Almighty will bless you with a male child soon. The baby will be healthy and will Insha Allah fulfill all your dreams and expectations.

Surah Kausar for Baby Boy

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Surah Kausar for Baby Boy

As a mother you want your child to be beautiful, healthy, and prosperous. You make dua for having a baby boy for his wellbeing and health. However, there is a specific surah Kausar for baby boy which you can make to be blessed with a healthy and handsome baby. Insha Allah, your child will be very pretty and cute. Everyone who sees him will get attracted to him. Always have faith in Allah Allah and the dua for beautiful baby boy you perform. Recite it with the confidence that it will give you desired results and the Almighty will definitely bestow you with all you desire.

The desire for a male child isn’t wrong. If you already have a baby girl in your family, then you can definitely make dua for having a baby boy, and Insha Allah, your dua will get fulfilled. But if you aren’t blessed, then don’t lose heart. Every child is blessed with their fortune and you have no major role rather than giving them a good upbringing. You can get the procedure of surah for a baby boy from our molvi sahib. Insha Allah, with the right dedication your desires will turn to reality. Make sure you recite the dua till the date of your delivery and do not go for an ultrasound to find the gender of the child. 

Dua For Beautiful Baby Boy

Dua For Having a Baby Boy

Surah Kausar for beautiful baby boy is given below: 

  • Firstly, you need to start reciting Surah Kausar right from the day you find out you are pregnant.
  • Recite it as many times in the day as you can and then blow your breath on your womb at night.
  • Insha Allah, you will be blessed with a male child. 
  • In order to get blessed with a beautiful male child, you should recite Surah Yusuf daily once. 

If you are looking for any further help in this regard, then you can come to our molvi sahib and get customized help for you. 

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