Dua For Daughter Marriage – Dua For Good Marriage Proposal

For every mother, the moment her daughter is born she starts wishing for her to get married happily. For every parent, the marriage of their daughter is the biggest responsibility in life. Every parent performs the dua for daughter marriage so that their baby girl gets married to the best man in this world.

The dua to get a daughter married is the easiest remedy any mother can perform. This dua for good marriage proposal ensures that her daughter gets the best marriage proposals and she settles down with the most genuine person. This dua is so powerful that your daughter will not even come across any bad proposals that may break her heart.

Dua for Marriage for Daughter

Dua for Marriage for Daughter

As soon as a girl reaches marriageable age, her parents start finding suitable proposals for her. They want her to get married to only the best person. A genuine person nowadays is not easy to find. For this, parents should perform the dua for marriage for daughter.

The dua for the daughter’s marriage is a dua that should be performed from the day she agrees to get married. A mother can ask Allah to bless her daughter with a perfect match through this dua for marriage of daughter. A mother should perform this dua daily and should keep a clean heart for her wish to be fulfilled.

As soon as a woman agrees to get married, she starts receiving good marriage proposals. Parents start searching for suitable matches and they want a genuine man who would care for their daughter just like them.

But in this modern world, marriage proposals come with the demand of dowry. The men who have sent proposals have a lot of bad habits and no person would want their daughter married to such men. To avoid these problems for your daughter, you should use the dua for good marriage proposal.

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Dua For Good Marriage Proposal

Dua For Good Marriage Proposal

The dua for getting good marriage proposals is the best remedy to get proposals from genuine people. When you use this dua, you will only get good proposals from suitable men. These men will belong to well-respected families. For women whose marriage has been delayed because of not receiving the right proposals should also start performing this dua from now on.

This dua can also be performed by girls who want their parents to agree to their love marriage. People who are against this marriage will instantly change their minds. Your parents and relatives will agree to this marriage very easily.

The correct way of performing this dua for good marriage proposal is:

  • Sit down to pray after performing ablution.
  • For 3 times, start reciting Darood Shareef.
  • Take a glass of water and start reciting Surah Rahman for 21 times.
  • Again start reciting Darood Shareef for another three times.
  • After this, drink this water.
  • Now, ask Allah to bless you with a good marriage proposal.

Continue this process for 3 weeks and soon you will start receiving good marriage proposals.

If you have any other questions about this dua, you can directly call our Maulvi Sahab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dua Can I read to get married?

Dua to get married to a specific person is a very powerful dua that helps people in marrying the person of your own choice. This dua will also help you in finding a spouse for arranged marriage as well. Men and women read this dua to get married soon and begin their married life on a happy note.

How can I get married dua fast?

Read the dua to get married to a specific person to have a marriage fast. You have to perform wuzu first and offer the Maghrib namaz. Then begin reciting Durood Shareef five times then Surah Yasin seven times. Continue with three recitations for Surah Muzammil followed by Durood Shareef five times. At last ask Allah to bless you with a good life partner and a happy marriage.

How do you pray to Allah to marry someone?

To pray to Allah to marry someone, you need to understand the process of performing the dua of istikhara for marriage. With an understanding of the performance of the dua for marriage, you can easily fulfill your wish of getting married.

Is there any dua for marriage?

The Tahajjud dua for marriage is the best dua for those who wish to get married soon. It is read in the middle of the night after the Esha and before the Fajr namaz. You need to sleep after the Esha namaz and wake up at midnight. Read at least two rakat nafil namaz and then chant this dua “Amantu Billa Ahi Kaamaa Huwwaa” 1100 times. At last, read Darood Shareef 3 times and then go to bed. Perform this process for 3 consecutive days to get the best results.

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