Dua For Love of Husband – Get Your Husband Love and Attraction

Dua For Love of Husband

In a marriage, the woman has all rights to expect love and respect from her husband. In most cases, a woman gets married to a man who loves and treats her equally. However, there are a few marriages where a woman feels trapped. The man she married does not love her and ignores her every effort to win his heart. The remedy that can change this situation is the dua for love of husband

The dua for love of husband is the Islamic prayer that will help any married woman make her marriage successful. This dua can be read right after getting married so that the marriage begins on a happy and optimistic note. A woman can begin reading this dua as soon as her marriage gets fixed. By reading this dua, she can win her fiance’s love and affection. 

Another aspect where a woman can read the dua for love of husband is when she feels unloved in her marriage. By reading this dua with a sincere heart, she can easily make her husband pay attention to her. Along with that, he will begin falling for her, and her marriage will become full of love. 

Dua For Husband Love and Attraction

It is very commonly noticed that marriage becomes loveless after a few years. When the responsibilities of the family take priority, the spouses begin to grow apart. These are the reasons which result in loveless marriages. The remedy for this situation is the dua for husband love and attraction

The dua for husband love and attraction is a prayer that can help any woman win her spouse’s heart. To perform this dua to win your husband’s love and attraction, you can perform this process: 

  • You have first to perform wudu and then complete the Maghrib namaz.
  • As soon as you complete the salah, begin reciting the 15th verse of the Surah Rahman 101 times.
  • Then, chant this dua while imagining the face of your husband: 

Aotthu Billa Illahi Minash Shayytanirr Raajeem.

  • You have to recite this dua at least 201 times.
  • At last, recite Durood Shareef 11 times to complete this process.

Pray to Allah to bless you with the love of your husband so that your marriage becomes successful. Keep on performing this dua for husband’s love for 11 days to get the best results. 

Dua For My Husband

When a woman is fortunate enough to marry a man who loves her the most, she should not forget to thank Allah. She should show her gratitude to the Almighty by reciting the dua for my husband. This will help her maintain a happy relationship with the man she is married to. 

The dua for my husband can also be read when a woman feels that her spouse is ignoring her. She can quickly bring back love and romance into her marital relationship by reading this dua. If you want to know how to perform the dua for your husband, you can consult our Maulvi Ji. He will help you understand this dua in detail. 

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