Dua For Wedding Night For Couple in Islam

Wedding is a sacred event and no one wants to get it corrupted by any of the satanic activities or ill-deeds. The best thing to keep satan and bad things away from the most auspicious day of your life is to make constant dua to Allah Talah. The dua for wedding night will bring prosperity, happiness, success and contentment to your marriage. The best gift which you can present to a married couple is a blissful wedding dua. It will make their marriage heavenly right from the very first day.

Dua For Wedding Night

Often couples witness differences in the beginning because of different preferences. However, when you constant practice and bless the married couple with dua for wedding couple, then it attracts only good things to their life and enhances their compatibility and love. The dua will bring all the positivity and prosperity to them and Insha Allah, they will have a great marriage life ahead. If you are looking forward to congratulate the newlywed couple, then the very first thing while greeting them is to make dua for wedding couple. Not only will they appreciate your gesture, but it will be also appreciated by Allah Talah and the angels and each of them will shower loads of blessings to them.

The dua for happy marriage can be performed by anyone as many times as they want to. It is only meant to attract compatibility, good things and affection between the couple. Once the nikah is over and you are proceeding for your room, then you should make dua for wedding night. The dua can be made either by the bride, groom or both.

Dua For Wedding Night

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Dua for Bride and Groom After Marriage

It is a must dua for bride and groom after marriage so that no jinn or satan ever interrupt on your wedding night and you have a safe relationship and great start with your partner.

  • Recite this dua thrice before entering the room of the bride.
  • The dua should be performed by the bride and groom.

“Allah Humma Inni As Aluka Khairaha Wa Khaira Ma Jabaltaha Alaihi Wa Auzu Bika Min Sharriha Wa Sharra Ma Jabal Taha Alaihi”

  • Insha Allah, everything will happen in the refuge and light of Allah Subhana Wa Tala.

Dua For Wedding Couple

Dua For Wedding Couple

If you are unsure about the dua for wedding couple, then you can esquire about it from our Molvi sahib. He will give you the most suitable directions to recite the dua and bless the married couple.

As a parent of the bride and groom, you can always get the dua for bride & groom and recite it as many times as possible for the newly married couple.

The most common dua for marriage which anyone can perform and bless a married couple is given below:

“Barakal Laaho Laka Wa Baraka Alaika Wa Jama’ Aa Bainakuma Fi Khairin”

“Alal Khair Wal Barokah Wa’ Ala Khair Tahir”

The dua is very powerful and effective and will bring a lot of positive anergy and happiness to the couple. Do not worry that any bad omen will ever affect your son or daughter. Just keep making the dua and see its effect on the lives of the newlywed couple.  

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