Dua To Control Husband Mind and Anger

Every woman dreams of having a husband who loves her to the moon and back. Unfortunately, some women end up with emotionally challenged men who do not understand the concept of love. No matter what their wife does for them, they just don’t seem to care. They do not respect their wives’ decisions, don’t care about their opinions. Are you also married to a man who does not respect your choices? Do you want your husband to consider as an equal partner in your marriage? Do you expect the same respect you give to your husband for yourself? If the answer to the above questions is a yes, then you should try the dua to control husband mind.

Some people try black magic to control their husband, but that is haraam in Islam. The Islamic dua to control your husband’s mind is a powerful dua that will help you control your husband in the right way.

Dua to Keep Husband In Control

Dua to Keep Husband In Control

Sometimes, mothers try everything in their power to control their son and to keep them away from their wives. This leads to unnecessary disputes in marriages. Is your husband also in control of your mother inlaw? Do you also want your husband to give priority to your choices?

The dua to keep husband in control is the best way for you to keep your husband in check. With the help of this dua, you can control your husband to always listen to you. They would never give importance to anybody else after you start reciting this dua.

You should always keep in mind that the dua to keep husband in control should only be used for good things. You should never use this dua to harm anyone else. If you try this dua to control husband mind for malicious intentions, you will never stay happy in your life.

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Dua to Control Husband Anger

Anger is one of the major reasons for the downfall of marriages. A woman somehow always controls her anger to keep her marriage intact. Some men, however, don’t understand when to control their anger. This lack of control is the reason women fear their husbands.

Are you one of those married women who are scared of your husband’s anger? Do you keep on finding remedies to control your husband’s unjustified anger?  You should start practicing the dua to control husband anger. This religious Islamic dua is the best option to get rid of your husband’s anger and make him a happy man.

Dua to Control Husband Anger

To get rid of your husband’s anger, you should follow this dua:

  • Sit down on your prayer mat after completing wuzu.
  • Keep your husband’s photo in front of you.
  • Start reciting Durood Sharif for 11 times.
  • Recite Ayat number 39 from chapter 16 of Quran for five hundred times.
  • Recite Durood Sharif for 11 times again.
  • After this, blow over your husband and ask Allah to bless him with peace of mind.

You will start noticing changes in your husband’s behavior within a week of performing this dua to control anger of husband.

Insha Allah, your husband will live a happy and peaceful life forever.

If you have more questions regarding this dua, then please contact our Maulvi.

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