Surah Dua For Broken Heart – Dua For Heartbreak

Dua For Broken Heart

The end of any relationship can bring a lot of pain in any person’s life. The pain of losing someone to circumstances can lead a person into constantly feeling sad and depressed. The dua for broken heart is the prayer that can help a person get rid of sadness. 

There are many reasons behind people feeling broken-hearted. When a relationship ends on a bitter note or a life goal remains unaccomplished, a person can feel sad. In such a case, a person can recite the dua for broken heart to eliminate the sad feeling in life. The dua for a broken heart is an Islamic prayer to heal a broken heart. 

We all know that heartbreak is inevitable in life. It is a human experience that a person has to go through at least once in their life. However, the dua for a broken heart is a prayer that heals the most torturous pain of a heartbreak. It helps people move on in life by healing them perfectly. 

Dua For Heartbreak

Several duas and surahs in the Holy Quran teach us how to deal with heartbreak. The most common causes that make a person feel heartbroken are relationships, deaths, financial losses, or failure in professional life. A remedy that helps get rid of the stinging pain is the dua for heartbreak

The dua for heartbreak can be read when a person loses someone special in their life. This loss can be in the form of a failed relationship or even death. When we lose someone to circumstances, they hope to come back. However, when we lose them to death, there is no hope. In either case, the surah for a broken heart can relieve a person’s pain. 

A person feels heartbroken when their loved ones hurt them intentionally or unintentionally. The people we care for the most sometimes break our hearts in the most unimaginable ways. The surah for broken heart is the prayer that helps a person cope with this situation. 

Dua To Get Over A Broken Heart

No matter how painful the heartbreak is, a person needs to understand that moving on in life is necessary. By reading the dua or surah for broken heart, they can get over the pain and move on in life with a positive attitude. 

Let us now tell you how to perform the dua to get over a heartbreak. It is a straightforward prayer that can be recited any day. 

  • When a person is about to go to bed, they can recite “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Astaghfirullaah.” Reciting this dua for 10 minutes with a calm mind has excellent benefits. A person who does this regularly will feel great in the morning.
  • Chanting “YA Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom, Bi Rehmatik Asta Gheeth” 101 times after the Fajr namaz is also helpful. Reading this dua to get over a broken heart is the best remedy to heal a heartbreak.

If you still need personalized guidance in getting over a heartbreak, you can consult our Maulvi Sahab.

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