Surah For Love Marriage – Surah Yaseen Ayat 36

Powerful Surah for Love and Attraction

In Islam, the duas, wazifas, and the surahs are the best prayers to read to solve all problems in life. One of the biggest problems lovers face is getting acceptance from their parents and families. The Surah for love marriage is the best solution to this problem in the life of lovers. There are many specific surahs for love marriage that can help couples get married soon

Let us now tell you about the powerful Surah for love back that is helpful for couples who wish to get married soon. These surahs are the most efficient Islamic remedies that handle all the difficulties on the path of your love marriage. We are now listing some of the best surahs for getting married to your lover. 

  • Surah Ikhlas for Marriage: Convincing your parents for love marriage is the biggest problem for lovers. When a man or woman wants to convince their parents to love marriage, they should read the Surah Ikhlas.
  • Surah Taha for Marriage: Another very powerful surah for love and marriage is the Surah Taha. This will help you in getting the acceptance of your family very quickly. With the help of this Surah, a couple can also ensure that their marriage becomes successful.

Surah Yasin Ayat 36 For Love Marriage

Apart from the Surah Taha and Al-Ikhlas, the Surah Yasin is beneficial for love marriages. Specifically, the Surah Yasin Ayat 36 for love marriage has many benefits regarding marriage. This ayat is helpful for people in getting married but also to help couples have a successful married life. 

To perform the Surah Yasin Ayat 36 for marriage, the following procedure needs to be performed: 

  • Begin with performing ablution and sitting in a quiet place away from all distractions.
  • Clear all your thoughts and think of the person you want to marry.
  • Recite Durood E-Ibrahimi 7 times with the idea of a successful marriage.
  • Then, recite the 36th verse of the Surah Yasin 101 times with a sincere heart.
  • Recite Surah Taha 20 times to complete this ritual.

Perform the Surah Yasin Ayat 36 for love marriage for at least 21 days to get the best results. 

Surahs To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

surah to convince parents for love marriageAllah has permitted us to marry the person of our choice. However, he has also said that getting married against your parents’ will is not allowed. This is why people make efforts to change their parent’s denial into acceptance for their love marriage. An Islamic prayer for acceptance is the Surah to convince parents for love marriage. 

By reading the Surahs to convince parents for love marriage, you and your lover can easily fulfill your wish of getting married. You can both read this Surah to convince your parents for getting their acceptance. By reading this Surah, there will be no further delay in your marriage. 

If you want any help regarding the Surah to convince parents for accepting your lover, consult our Maulvi Ghulam Ali Dahlavi Sahab. You can also consult him if you want to find out which Surah to read for success in love marriage for your benefit. 

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