Which Surah To Read For Husband Love

Which Surah to Read for Husband Love

Get to know powerful surah for husband’s love and affection. This quranic surah can be performed to attract your husband. Keep in mind the important points before performing this dua. Prayers did with good intentions always have an effect. Therefore, pray with a clear and pure heart so that that prayer can work for you. If you take care of these things, then you will definitely be able to achieve the love of your husband.

  • Firstly the wife should make fresh wuzu.
  • After that, she should recite Surah Muzammil 50 times.
  • After that she should read this dua “Aamantu Billaahi Kamaa Huwa “.
  • Then she should read this Surah to make your husband love you which is Surah Fateha.
  • After that, she should write the name of her husband 100 times on a piece of paper.
  • She should also recite Surah Faiz 8 times.
  • After that wife should kiss the paper on which she has written the name of her husband and throw that piece of paper in any river which is near her house.
  • Perform this for 1 day.
  • Pray to Allah with good intention. Insha Allah, you will get your husband’s love.

Surah For Husband To Love His Wife

dua to change husband's heart

Often husbands don’t like their wives. This is quite common in arranged marriages. If the husband doesn’t get a desirable partner, then he may move astray. If you feel that your partner isn’t interested in you or doesn’t love you as he should, then you should perform surah for husband to love his wife.

The surah ikhlas will create deep love in his heart for you. He will actually fall in love with you and would do anything and everything for you. It is essential to discuss the procedure of this surah Kausar dua to change the husband’s heart with our molvi sahib and then perform it. Make sure you only perform it for your husband and not your lover.

The powerful dua and surah to make husband love you are your attempt to make your married life exactly like you have dreamt. Sometimes your partner may not turn out to be the one you have imagined. Under such circumstances, you shouldn’t give up.

You should recite surah for husband love so that you can win his heart and make a place for you in his life. Don’t be troubled. With your dedication and right intention, things will change for your betterment and you will get all you desire.

Surah To Make Husband Love You

surah for husband love

Do you want your husband to pamper you and bear all your tantrums? Do you want your partner to love you all your life?

Well, this is what every wife would want. However, not all wives are lucky enough to receive this from their husbands.

If your spouse doesn’t give you enough time and love and is always involved in his work, then you should recite surah to make husband love you. The surah will bless you with the happiness and pleasure of a happy married life. Your partner will take good care of you and love you unconditionally.

Sometimes wives feel insecure about their husbands. If you think that your husband’s heart is turning towards another woman and he is not loyal to you, then you should practice dua to change husband’s heart.

The Islamic Dua to make husband love you will reverse his heart conditions and he will leave the other woman and pay all his attention to you. He will become a dedicated husband and will never look to any other woman. Your spouse will always try to please you and make efforts to provide you with everything you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Dua for Husband Love?

Dua or wazifa for husband to love wife is the perfect Islamic prayer that is read by married women. A woman has to first perform wuzu and keep a clay bowl full of rose water. Begin reciting “Ya Wadudu” 800 times and then blow over the bowl after you finish the recitations. Then she has to make her husband drink this water to make him love her very soon.

How can I Increase Love in My Husband’s Heart?

You can read the dua to increase love between husband and wife to increase love in your husband’s heart. This dua will definitely help you in making your husband behave more affectionately towards you.

Which Surah is Good for Husband and Wife?

Surah to make someone love you is good for husband and wife. This surah is very powerful in creating love and respect between spouses for a happy marriage. When a woman reads this surah before or after marriage, she can make sure that her husband loves her wholeheartedly.

How can I Make My Husband Love Me in Islam?

Read the dua to make my husband love me for this purpose. This is the best dua to get a husband’s love and respect for all those married women who wish to have a marriage full of love.

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